By incorporating a Renewable Energy System, you can dramatically decrease your environmental carbon footprint and reduce your dependency on fossil fuel, coal or natural gas. Plus, generous incentives are now available that make solar more affordable than ever. Let Jolma Electric show you how solar can work for you.

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What is solar? The ability to take the sun's energy and create electricity. Each panel has cells and within those cells are Silicon crystals. These Silicon crystals have the electron potential to create electricity.

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline? In a monocrystalline solar panel each cell has only one of those Silicon crystals which allows more room for the electrons to move.  By doing which allows the panel as a whole to be more efficient and cost effective. In a polycrystalline solar panel each cell has multiple Silicon crystals.  By putting more than one Silicon crystal in the a single cell it reduces the area in which the electrons can move.  Ultimately making it less efficient in generating electricity

What is a grid tie system vs battery bank system? When you have solar installed on your house or in your field and you are still connected to your utility, that is a grid tie system.  This type of system is the most common in solar installations.  Some utilities have incentives for homeowners that install PV arrays on their house that could lower the price of installation and/or pay you back for excess electricity generated. Contact your local utility for further information

Residential Solar Systems
Commercial Solar Systems
Agricultural Solar Systems
Off-Grid Solar Systems

Whether you are looking for a complete Ground Mount solar system, or a Flat or Pitched roof solar system, we can make the process easy for you. From planning & design to installation & start-up, Jolma Electric will be there every step of the way. Our knowledgeable Technicians will ensure that your new solar project is installed properly, neatly and meets all applicable codes. If you are looking for a more "hands-on" approach, we also offer a ready to assemble Ground Mount solar system. We will deliver a complete material kit with all of the necessary components pre-cut, & pre-drilled. When you have the system installed, our licensed Technicians will make the final connections on the AC side of the system (as required by code), coordinate with your local Utility Company, schedule inspections & permits and finally assist you in applying for the maximum incentives available to lower the cost of your project. Interested? Get your free no obligation quote today!


Net Metering

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Non-incentivized solar through net metering is one of our “own your own” solar options and is available to residential and business customers within our service areas. When the system is non-incentivized, you retain the renewable attributes of renewable energy you produce and you may register the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and/or claim that you produce and use renewable energy from your solar system. Owning your own system provides the benefit from net metering, which allows you to “credit back” excess generation onto your bill to ensure you receive the full value of all your generation. If excess energy generation exceeds energy consumption you will receive payment for the excess.

Focus on Energy

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Residential customers can save up to $1,000 when you install a solar electric system. Plus, you can earn up to $500 more for solar electric systems if you live in an eligible ZIP code. See if you would be eligible today. Business customers can save up to $50,000 when you install a solar electric system. Plus, agricultural producers can earn up to $10,000 more for their solar electric system. Agricultural producers are defined as “businesses engaged in the production of grain, livestock, milk, poultry, fruits, vegetables, bees and honey, fish, shellfish, or other common agricultural products including greenhouses.”

Rural Energy for America

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For Agricultural businesses that create 50% or more of your gross income off of common farm goods i.e. grain, livestock, dairy, vegetables, etc.  It also qualifies for small businesses in qualified areas. Ashland, Washburn and Bayfield are eligible areas.  This is a grant and will need to be written and applied for.

Federal Incentives

How to Apply

Federal incentive for residential and commercial of 26%. If you have a building that has both residential and commercial keep in mind you can only get 26% incentive.  You are responsible for allocating how much of the system goes to each part of the building. For example if you think the building is 50/50 then the incentive would give the residential side 13% and the commercial side 13% as well. Federal business incentive of 26% Strictly for commercial use only