The electrical wiring in your home is a complex system that your outlets, appliances, light switches and devices depend on to function properly and safely.  This can be a dangerous and hazardous system if not done correctly.  Enter our skilled Electricians at Jolma Electric.  Safety is our top priority as attested by our excellent Workers Comp Mod factor and reinforced by our internal Safety Regulations and Requirements. Whether you are upgrading circuit panels, repairing a broken outlet or installing a complete turnkey system in a new construction or remodel, you are in capable, trustworthy hands at Jolma Electric.  We strive to exceed your expectations by building on our reputation of Honesty, Quality, and cost-effective solutions.

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 If you already have an electrical plan for your project, Great! If not, we will be happy to give our tips & recommendations for the types & locations of light fixtures, switches & outlets for your new home. Through years of experience wiring houses, we have come to learn what people appreciate in their electrical layouts (& what they don’t) We will also verify that your electrical plan meets all applicable electrical codes.



 Based on your electrical plan, we will provide you (or your builder) with a comprehensive electrical proposal that spells out exactly what services we will be providing. We want you to start this project with a clear understanding of the costs involved. We don’t like surprises either!



 When the framing on your new house is complete, we will conduct a thorough walkthrough with you & mark the locations of outlets & switches as well as discuss the lighting locations for each room. Here again, we will offer you valuable tips & recommendations based on our years of experience.



 Things are getting real now! Following your electrical plan & any input from the walkthrough, our experienced electricians will install your homes electrical system with precision. Working closely with you, (your builder) and any other trades, we will insure that all electrical requirements are met & that there are no conflicts with any of your homes other systems.



 Once your project is complete, we will be here for you to answer any questions or concerns. You can rest assured that we stand behind our work 100% & will address any issues urgently. We will also be here for any future repairs or upgrades if needed. Let’s keep in touch!