Underground cables installed for distribution and transmission of power is an effective application for areas where it is impractical or dangerous to install overhead lines.  Underground cables are also less susceptible to damage caused by wind, ice, snow and falling trees. Jolma Electric offers underground line construction and maintenance using the necessary trenchers, excavators, cable plows as well as conduit and wiring equipment to successfully complete your project. Contact Jolma Electric today to assist you in defining the scope of your project. Jolma Electric has the experience, the reputation and the proven agility to adapt to the inevitable challenges that arise on any commercial or residential project.  Safety is foremost priority when implementing any project and is proven by our excellent Workers Comp MOD factor reinforced by our internal safety guidelines and requirements. To provide the most efficient and stream-lined project management process, Jolma Electric has incorporated an innovative Cloud-Based Project Management System that allows our project managers and office personnel to receive real-time project updates, communications and access to project documents.

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